Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tommy hilfiger, Jack Bauer, Freddy Kreuger, and a severed penis.

  • OMG!!! OMG!!!! Tommy Hilfiger has a girlfriend?
  • Oh, yeah. Hilfiger was drunk and attacked Axl Rose in what must have been the second or third gayest fight of all time, but that is much less shocking than the fact that Hilfiger is not a homer sexual.
  • Jack Bauer, has one weakness apparently…tequila.
  • Picture of a drunk Kiefer at a table, sans pants.
  • Seven year old escapes from Alcatraz.
  • In other news, police let him slip through their grasp, and this dangerous second grader is still at large. How can our leaders let a hardened criminal walk the streets unchecked?
  • No description needed.
  • Umm…shit.
  • Yeah...shit. We're all in trouble now.
  • Comet, huh? Tsunami, huh? Extraterrestrials, huh?
  • Well, sources look good to me. Nice graphs.
  • And the magnum opus…
  • duh duh duh doo da duh…comedy!!!!
    (all courtesy of Jesse Woo)


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