Tuesday, May 30, 2006


  • WTF, Grandma?
  • And I thought the only thing I could teach you was how to update your iPod.
  • The 2000 Club?
  • Umm…doubtful. Are you sure it was 2000 lbs? Are you sure it wasn't…nothing? (credit to Family Guy)
  • Fake-ticiles wasn't pithy enough.
  • I don't know what's most ridiculous: the concept, the name, the flash animation, the price, or the fact that if someone neutered me, I would probably get them. P.S. Please don't neuter me.
  • The definition of cute:
  • Also, a metaphor for what love really is.
  • Vampire activist.
  • If you would like to interview him, Tuesday he's doing Crossfire to bash the wooden stake lobby, he's picketing a crucifix factory on Thursday, and on Friday he's got a sitdown on the Hill with the Van Helsings to discuss ending hostilities.
  • Unnecessary Censorship w/ Jimmy Kimmel
  • It's funny because he's not in it.
  • Bugs in blackface:
  • Huge collection of inappropriate cartoons.
  • The John Swift burger:
  • Also known as the Modest Proposal sandwich or the California Cheeseburger. Because in California, they eat babies. True story.
  • What do you get when you cross a lemur and a transformer:
  • Optimus Prime just rolled over in his grave. What? He's not dead? Really? Are you sure? I thought he committed suicide? Wasn't he OCD, and like, he just couldn't take it anymore? What? Family Feud? Whatever.
  • So the egg people got to you, too?
  • I never though I would see the day when Professor John Brookfield, specialist in evolutionary genetics at University of Nottingham, would sell out to the egg lobbyists. BTW, there's no way that's a real school. I read Robin Hood. That's what I meant: I watched the movie Robin Hood. That's what I meant: the Disney version. And yes, Maid Marion was hot for a cartoon fox that was probably slightly underage.
    (courtesy Jesse Woo)


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